I whisper softly

I move around the room

Everything is magic

Road Trip Haiku

Driving to the coast

Car naps in the parking lot

Gas station coffee

Black Hole

The proof is in the picture

Even black holes bear light

There’s hope for me yet

Jack in the Box

Spicy chicken

Take my billz

Late night snack

Sugar killz


Take ur pillz

I’m in a box

Ten dollar mealz


Red delicious sweet

A ripened fruit to taste

I work for apple

Two Tea Haiku’s

the tea leaf is brown

sweet fragrances fill the air

my cup is so full

White Mustang

I am Death

She is the horse

Fated is my mortal course

Witch Bath

Carve the candle with a knife

Essential oil, salt and scrub

Put the flowers in the tub

Rub a dub dub bitch

Rub a dub dub


The flower blooms slow

A home for the small spider 

Come spring she will weave

Little Things

Nobody notices the little things

The roses on the table

The ribbon on the door

It’s the little things that make me smile

The heart shaped button on the floor

The big things make me lose my mind

The little things aren’t that hard to find


Silent waves lap over shore

The mermaid swims to sunken ships

A voyage shipwrecked torn and broken

She swims through the dead sea coral

Covered in the oceans gown, gentle waves

In the depths she swims during the night

Seaweed tangled in braided knot and curl

Salt dried into her hair and on pale skin

The moonlight dances in her dark eyes

Pearl and precious gem she guards with her life

The sailor laments his mortality

And just as clear as bell has rung

She sings her song in nighttime dark

A frightful tune, the music starts


Cute little tea cup

Blessed be the ancient tree

Cute little tea leaf 

Old Whittler

The hand shapes the wood

The knife creates a new life

Small wooden sculptures

Gentle Things

The soft grass can cut

The smooth stone can leave a bruise

Mind the gentle things

A Jingle

Smoke a cigarette in the mornin’

Smoke a cigarette at night

Smoke a cigarette on my cigarette break

I ain’t got no job, but that’s alright


too late, too early

I should really be snoring

I am tired

I am weak

my back hurts

I need sleep!

Tv on

phone in hand

scrolling through the facebook land

everything sad

world a mess

I need my bed

I need my rest

no more cigs

or late night snacks

in the day time I have panic attacks

shorter days

and longer nights

and sleep all day

my schedule’s tight

i’m off to bed

its 7 in the morning

my head kind of hurts

my life’s kind of boring